Month: February 2020

Infection Control Update

We are aware of recent heightened concerns in the local community regards the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and would like to make you aware of what we are doing in order to minimise the potential risk to everyone involved with our business. We take our health, safety and Infection Control very seriously. We have specialist air purifiers within the home along with appropriate cleaning products and routines for staff and visitors. It is sensible for us all to make ourselves aware of the symptoms published by the NHS and remain vigilant and ask if you are unwell or have concerns about potentially being infected by any disease/virus then please reframe from visiting the home. If you have any concerns please visit the Government site: Government Guidance

February’s Activities

Birthday greetings for February go to John on the 13th and Reginald on the 28th.

Activities and Events in February 2020

Activities with TOFF this month include, singing for the Brain, take a trip down memory lane, dog walking, Past and Present – share a memory and Cinema Club, these will be in either the Blue Lounge or wherever the biggest group gathers.

The Garden Club members are enabled to be out each day for planting, weeding and watering.

We also have the following events taking place throughout the month: –

Date Time and Place Event
Tues 4th Feb 2:00pm Pink Lounge Songs and Music
Mon10th Feb 2:00pm Pink Lounge Singing Therapy
Wed 26th Feb 2.00pm Pink Lounge Tea Dance
Fri 28th Feb 2.00pm Blue Lounge Communion with Rev. Dave

Residents are able to access the community for trips out including:
The local Pub and Coffee shops
Clive’s Fruit Farm
Bands in the Park
Visits to Malvern, Upton and Ledbury