September Update

We are delighted to welcome new team members to The Chace this month. Stuart joins us as a Domestic Assistant and Sholly and Bency join our wonderful Care team. We are also excited to welcome Kate who will lead our Activity team. Kate has lots of interesting and exciting ideas to explore with our residents and has been busy planning new and innovative ideas.

One of the new activities Kate has actioned has been Balloon Football/Tennis.  Balloon sport is an easy, social game which is great for gross motor skills and suitable for all different levels of cognitive and physical abilities. Even residents who can not participate in the game physically, can enjoy watching the game, following the balloon with their eyes.

Not only is it great fun, but participation can help foster connections between residents and between staff and residents. It can lessen anxiety and help people living with Dementia feel more engaged with life. 

We can’t wait to see what is next! Of course activity suggestions from family members are always welcome.

Special days in September

  • National Colouring Day – 14th September
  • National Coffee Day – 29th September
  • Malvern Autumn show at 3 Counties show ground-24th-26th September

Ice Cream Anyone?

We had a real treat on Monday when the Ice cream Van came…. residents and staff all cooled off with their favorite flavours

Visiting the Home

Government guidelines have changed for visiting. We are continuing with our same policy until further notice. If you have have any queries please contact the home.

Visiting relatives and friends at The Chace

Rules for visiting relatives and friends in care homes have been relaxed over the past few months across the UK. However, there are still measures in place to protect residents and stop the spread of Covid.

How many people can visit?

In England, care home residents can choose up to five people who can visit regularly.

No more than two people should visit at one time or in one day.

If a resident is not well enough to choose, care homes should talk with their family to decide on the arrangements.

Residents can also nominate someone as an “essential care giver”, who does not count in the daily visitor limit. This means they can visit even during coronavirus outbreaks, and be offered personal protective equipment (PPE) and additional testing.

Can residents leave the care home?

Guidance for care providers in England says residents can leave a home for social reasons. This includes overnight stays.

They do not need to self-isolate on their return unless they have had an overnight stay in hospital, or the visit is considered high risk.

What precautions do visitors have to take?

You don’t have to be vaccinated to visit a care home, although government guidance recommends that people take the jab when offered.

Nominated visitors need to take a lateral flow test organised by the home – this applies in EnglandWales and Scotland.

These take about 30 minutes, and visitors need to wait for the result before seeing the resident.

If the visitor tests positive for coronavirus, they should return home and self-isolate.

Can I hug my relative?

Guidance in England advises that visitors and residents “keep physical contact to a minimum”, and says there should not be close physical contact such as hugging.

Hand-holding may be allowed, but people are reminded that “any contact increases the risk of transmission”.

Ideally, visitors should keep a 2m (6ft) distance from residents.

Visiting from 8th March 2021

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he was “pleased” that it would soon be possible for people to be “carefully and safely reunited with loved ones who live in care homes”.

Our residents will be allowed to hold hands with loved ones from March 8 under the government’s plan to ease Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England.

Residents will be allowed one person to regularly visit them, as measures begin to loosen across the country.

Visitors will be required to take a coronavirus lateral flow test before entry and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn.

Please contact the home to arrange visits.

Covid-19 Visiting

We want to be able to allow visitors but are led by Government policy at all times. It is paramount that any visits must be pre-planned with the home. We will be able to test up to 2 visitors per resident, twice a week. Visitors will need to arrange visiting with the care home in advance, and will need to be mindful of the additional workload for the care home and that the care home will need to make their own assessments and may develop further policies to ensure the safety of the residents they care for and their staff. For further information see



Wishing all our residents and their families a very Merry Christmas

Birthday greetings for December go to Margaret on the 5th, Rosalie on the 7th and Barbara on the 14th.

Wishing you all a wonderful day of celebrating.


Well what a year 2020 has been. We’re all very much looking forward to a 2021 where we can see our families and friends safely again. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to a happy, healthy and more normal 2021.

Best Wishes,

The Chace Team


October News

Birthday greetings for October go to Rose on the 12th. We look forward to helping you celebrate your special day. 

This month sees crisp Autumnal weather, changing colours, shorter days and maybe even a frost. So on those dry sunny days, we’ll look forward to getting out in the garden and planting some bulbs for everyone to enjoy in Spring.

This month also sees the launch of our new Facebook page! Please visit and like our page and if you have some positive comments to add, these would be gratefully received!

Due to the situation at the moment, we are unable to have external entertainers visit our home. However, activities with TOFF this month include, singing for the Brain, take a trip down memory lane, dog walking, Past and Present – share a memory and Cinema Club, these will be in either the Blue Lounge or wherever the biggest group gathers.   The Garden Club members are enabled to be out each day for planting, weeding and watering.